#081 – Hospitality Meets Maria Malaniia – The Guest Experience Consultant

Covid has impacted many of us, no question about that. Today’s guest has taken the negatives surrounding 2020 and turned them into real positives.

I got some time with Maria Malaniia, Founder of the Savvy Hotelier (https://www.savvyhotelier.net/) and self employed guest experience consultant (https://www.malaniia.com).

As always it’s an action packed chat and we cover:-

  • Getting the start
  • Theme parks
  • Frying food
  • Stockholm weather
  • Getting paid to travel
  • Learning Finnish
  • Seeking experiences
  • Working on cruise ships
  • Moving to London
  • The IHG Office
  • Career paths
  • Kickboxing
  • Timing
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Redundancy
  • The Savvy Hotelier
  • Maria’s favourite work trip
  • Monaco Refurbishments
  • Co-Opetition
  • Big Brand

And Maria’s awesome story so far. Maria has a natural hospitality personality and she has used 2020 to significantly upskill. Look out for her content across LinkedIn and Instagram.