#080 – Hospitality Meets Lorraine Copes – The Diversity & Inclusion Champion

In this weeks episode of Hospitality Meets, we got some time with the wonderful Lorraine Copes, Founder of Be Inclusive Hospitality (https://www.bihospitality.co.uk), Procurement consultant and Life coach.

It’s a jam packed chat with another wonderful human with an exceptional journey. We talk about:-

  • Being Purpose Led
  • Starting in logistics
  • Making pragmatic plans
  • Working for brands you respect
  • Working with Danny Meyer
  • Managing change
  • Career break
  • Triangle of success
  • Be Inclusive Hospitality
  • Inclusion & diversity
  • Coaching
  • Authentic leadership
  • Over eating at food tastings
  • The Greg Wallace pallet

And of course Lorraine’s fantastic journey.

It’s yet another indication of the variety of journeys and roles that you can do in this incredible industry culminating in Lorraine leading the conversation on inclusivity within the sector.

Bravo Lorraine!