#079 – Hospitality Meets Andrew Coggings – The World Class Venue Leader

I’m not going to lie, I’m a huge fan of the venue that today’s guest leads.

I got some time with Andrew Coggings, Managing Director of Entertaining and Hospitality at the Goodwood Estate (https://www.goodwood.com).

It’s an epic chat and we get through loads including:-

  • The Festival of Speed
  • The values of Goodwood
  • Bottling selfies
  • Growing up in Durham
  • Going against careers advice
  • The Caterer & Hotelkeeper
  • Being headhunted to Hilton
  • Moving to Dubai
  • Being a forerunner hotel
  • Moving to South Africa
  • Using Rugby to get a job
  • Being in SA for 1995 Rugby world Cup
  • Pressurised refurbishments
  • Harry Murray as a mentor
  • Langkawi
  • The importance of contracts
  • Moving back to UK
  • Doormats
  • Slaley Hall
  • Buying a pub
  • Running a burger restaurant
  • The Goodwood magic dust
  • Trust & Respect
  • The Duke
  • Salman Rushdi and Rats
  • Nelson Mandela and Photo’s

And so much more. Andrew treats us to many a story throughout his chat and I’m grateful for the time he gave me.