#075 – Hospitality Meets Peter Ducker – The Professional Body CEO

In the first of our two chats with the Institute of Hospitality (https://www.instituteofhospitality.org), we got some time with outgoing CEO Peter Ducker.

No doubt Peter has forged an enviable career and we were honoured to have a chat with him ahead of his end of June departure from the Institute. As always, we got through a lot including:-

  • Getting an early start
  • Defying careers advisors
  • Heading off to London
  • Taking the road less travelled
  • Having a mentor
  • Moving into sales and marketing
  • Starting capital breaks
  • Moving into a public company
  • Redundancy
  • Starting your own business
  • The rich tapestry of life
  • Setting up a code of conduct
  • Giving back
  • Taking the IOH Reins
  • Getting the house in order
  • Catering for a Gibbon
  • April fools

It’s a wonderful chat with a wonderful human and we wish Peter all the best in his next chapter.