#074 – Hospitality Meets Debra Ward – The Exceptional Leader

What a treat we have for you this week as we bring you the natural story teller that is Debra Ward, Global Transition Director at ISS Facility Services UK.

Debra has some brilliant stories from a truly spectacular career built in many areas of hospitality. As always, we get through lots including:-

  • Starting out in Canada
  • Working the family business
  • Calling out your professors
  • Moving to the city
  • Working with Wolfgang Puck
  • The comedy and safety of small town
  • Respecting local customs
  • Jail time in Kuwait
  • Moving to the Gambia
  • The African pride
  • Being interrogated
  • Studying without google and the internet
  • Bringing experience to facilities services
  • Jelly Bellies V Jelly Beans
  • Toilet paper interview questions
  • The power of language
  • Human experience in the work place
  • Joining a start up
  • Storytelling
  • FOMO
  • Ingenuity at work

And of course Debra’s fantastic career story so far. We really just scratched the surface from a phenomenal journey and look forward to more from Debra in the future.