#073 – Hospitality Meets Felix von Hurter – The No Alcohol Drinks Creator

Ahhhh, Drink. We all love it. But not all drinks are made equally and today’s guest is part of a team who have produced a world class no alcohol beer.

As a fanboy, I was delighted I got some time with Felix von Hurter, Co-Founder of No Alcohol drinks guru’s Freestar Drinks (https://freestar.co).

As always, we cram in loads including:-

  • Facebook advertising
  • The need for hospitality’s return
  • Starting in flavours and fragrance
  • Sipsmith
  • The rise and rise of Gin
  • Lame and Soda
  • The de-alcoholising process
  • Having a positive impact on the planet
  • Liquid engineering
  • What it takes to pioneer a product
  • Winning a world beer award
  • Occasions for generations
  • The emergence of the Alcohol free category
  • Lo & No perceptions
  • Sunk cost fallacy
  • Palate fatigue
  • The future
  • The now

It’s a cracking chat and Felix and his Co-founders level of tenacity is to be applauded but it is most certainly worth it. They have produced a world class product.