#072 – Hospitality Meets Mike Stocks – the Hospitality Consultant

This week we move into the world of consulting and we got some time with brilliant Mike Stocks, Founder of Mike Stocks Consulting (https://mikestocks.co.uk) and known as “the wine guy” (He’s got a lot more knowledge than merely wine).

We cover off a lot, including:-

  • Boris’ road map
  • Travel plans
  • Working in a meat processing factory
  • Holding down 2 part time jobs
  • Uni
  • Giving up the law
  • The start at Carluccios
  • Following your own passion
  • Barista/Barrister
  • Training
  • Moving into drink
  • Buying wine
  • Branching out internationally
  • Openings
  • Becoming a diplomat
  • The Turkish/Italian/English breakfast
  • Obvs
  • The need to evolve and stay agile
  • Moving into consulting
  • Adding value
  • Demystifying wine
  • Cider
  • Kitchen training without gas
  • Know your bars in Turkey
  • And of course Mike’s brilliant story.

Mike demonstrates that it’s good to be aware of opportunity as it presents itself and how that has added a wonderful richness to his career which allows him to offer exceptional consulting services around so many things.

Bravo Mike