#069 – Hospitality Meets Brenda Collin – The Executive Hotel Partner

What a treat we have for you today as we have someone who has built an amazing career so far but backs this up with extra work she does for the Institute of Hospitality and Charities such as Hospitality Action

We got some time with the amazing Brenda Collin, Executive Vice President for Europe at Preferred Hotels & Resorts (https://preferredhotels.com).

As usual, we get in loads including the Budget, job titles, life on the farm, wanting to travel, working in a pub, applying for University, University life, starting with Hilton, the First GM role, moving into regional sales, Takeovers takeovers takeovers, starting a business, contracts, joining Preferred Hotels, partnering, the preferred family, the hospitality family, mentoring, hospitality Action, Dogs, IOH and so much more.

Brenda talks us through her story with great passion and humility. Not to be missed.