#064 – Hospitality Meets Katy Moses – The Data Queen

Today’s guest yet again highlights the diversity of opportunity that exists within hospitality.

We got some time with the sensational Katy Moses, Founder and Managing Director of Kam Media (https://kam-media.co.uk).

We get through loads including Lockdown handling, service, research, sell me this pen, having folders thrown at your head, recruitment, Starting Kam in a weekend, big picture thinking, one direction, starting chat shows, podcasts, being landed in the shit, failure, keeping hospitality afloat, the flexibility of hospitality, post lockdown insights, at home kits, BII, Plan B mentoring, gaining more equality, The mystical time of 1am, The licensee’s index and so much more

This is a fast paced chat from the word go and Katy talks us through her journey with so much humour and humility.

Thanks so much Katy