#057 – Hospitality Meets Louise Kissack – The Consultant and Community Creator

We’ve been lucky enough to connect with such a diverse group of people from within the Hospitality Industry on our chats so far and today’s episode, is no exception.

We chatted to Louise Kissack, Founder of Spaghetti Group (https://www.spaghettigroup.com) and Liverpool Food Network (https://www.spaghettigroup.com/liverpool-food-network).

The usual rules apply, we get through loads including EXP101, construction, bars, being fascinated by other people, design, MacDonald’s, the psychology of customer behaviour, teaching English, drive-through, the bin lorry and bin fairies, the Apple of Laundromats, the brilliance of looking locally, the Liverpool Food network, fake influencers, collaboration, The Positives of Covid, run ins with customs, old ladies smuggling bananas, using beagles at border control and of course Louise’s awesome journey.

Louise talks with such knowledge and humour throughout, it really is another wonderful chat with someone at the top of their game.


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Spaghetti Group @spaghettigroup

Liverpool Food Network @liverpoolfoodnetwork