#056 – Hospitality Meets John Stevenson – The Serial Entrepreneur

A side of hospitality we haven’t yet delved into is Procurement. In today’s episode we put that to bed.

We chat to John Stevenson, Co-Founder of Zero Procure (https://zeroprocure.com). John has a long and illustrious career as a serial entrepreneur with his roots firmly within Hospitality.

As always, we get through loads including the weather, being teased about accents, adapting young, early jobs, nightlife in Edinburgh, craft ale, the pro’s of Travel, taking over from movie directors, adding value in business, walking around London, Management buyouts, procurement, Utopian business, working hard, Hospitality – Life’s best educator, naming people after drink, Foundation zero and of course Johns amazing journey.

John talks with humility and humour throughout, another wonderful chat.