#050 – Hospitality Meets Phil Street – The Humble Podcast Icon

Happy 50th to us!

We couldn’t let our 50th episode pass without doing something a little different so to celebrate we’ve got an extra special guest…. Me! Otherwise known as the Co-Founder and Director of Momentum Hospitality Recruitment Ltd and the Founder and host (Normally) of this podcast.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to listen to me interviewing myself. I enlisted 2 wonderful ex guests, from episode 4, Robert Richardson and from episode 7, Katherine Price.

We get through loads including The isle of Tiree, learning ethics, management, common sense, travel, P&O Cruises, lessons, being honest with yourself, being curious, recruitment, Motorbike crashes, the stretch zone, hospitality – the career of choice and the industry of dreams!, legacy, Hmmmm and of course my general story.

A massive thank you to everyone who has been on the show far and to those that have agreed to be in the future. There is no show without you all so lets keep raising the bar on the sending positive messages about our incredible industry.