#049 – Hospitality Meets Douglas McMaster – The Zero Waste Icon

When I started the podcast there was a list of aspirational guests that I would have loved to get some time with.

Douglas McMaster was on that list. Founder of Silo (https://silolondon.com/), the UKs first zero waste restaurant now based in London having originally been in Brighton. Not only did he have to come up with a food concept but actually had to rethink pretty much every facet of running a restaurant. It’s a fascinating chat with so many amazing nuggets from Douglas.

We get through loads including launching business in lockdown, zero waste in the home, Making the world zero waste, zero waste pillars, recycling, quality focus, food education, super farmers markets, pre-industrial food systems, Ecosia, proving the doubters wrong, the importance of stages, future food system, Joost Bakker, Ted talks, lessons, The best carrots in the world and Douglas’ amazing journey.

It’s a corker and to be heard even if you don’t work in Hospitality.

Thanks Douglas


Show Transcription

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