#046 – Hospitality Meets Jannes Soerensen – The Luxury Boutique General Manager

I’m a lucky guy. On the show I get to speak to some amazing people from some amazing places. I’m a massive fan of today’s guest and the property he occupies.

I got some time with Jannes Soerensen, General Manager of The Beaumont Hotel (www.thebeaumont.com), a stunning 5 star boutique property in Londons Mayfair.

My word we get through a lot including health, tech development, apprenticeships, concierge, shoulder massages, learning languages, career full circles, golden keys, The Orange Vesper, Barcelona, being happy, redeeming faith, knowing about the city you live in, taking control of your own inspiration, Travel, The Beaumont, 9ft Ice sculptures, I could go on.

It’s an amazing chat with someone who cares deeply about what he does whilst also showing that same care to the impact he can have.

It’s a belter!


Show Transcription

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