#031 – Hospitality Meets Ben Swindells – The Co-Working Specialist

Hospitality covers a multitude of things.  The rise and rise of co-working fits firmly within that scope.

We were lucky enough to get some time with Ben Swindells, Expansion Director for Huckletree (www.huckletree.com) a London based workspace accelerator with locations in London, Manchester and Dublin. Ben is an ex hotelier and now workspace specialist and is responsible for the growth and new projects for Huckletree. In 2019 Ben led the group to double growth in terms of footprint and members launching 4 new sites in 12 months. 

Even though I mispronounced his name within the first 10 seconds, Ben recovered to tell his story beautifully.  We cover off gems such as Being thrust in at the deep end, events, F&B Projects, The 2012 Olympics, the check in process, Co-Working (Of course), The Shoreditch Buzz, fast growth business, finding your calling, career leaps of faith and much more.


Recorded on 26th June 2020