#029 – Hospitality Meets Majella O’Connell – The Food Photographer

Q. What happens when you put two spaghetti brains in front a microphone and set them off to chat?

A. Today’s podcast.

We got some time with Majella O’Connell, Managing Director and Head Photographer at Pavlova & Cream Ltd. (www.pavlovaandcream.com) and Founder of Manchester Kitchen Social and London Kitchen Social.

Majella talks about her craft with such verve and passion it’s difficult to not get sucked in to what she does, even if you have a slight interest in food and fun is never very far away at all.

We talk about Emoji’s, food, plates, digressing (a lot), travel, the yardarm, photography, beagles, Facebook memories, Michelin starred eating, Chef’s Table, snakes in trees, Pantomime, cooking under the influence and so much more.  To be honest, it may have been easier to tell you what we didn’t cover.

It’s epic! Truly!

This was recorded on 26th May 2020 under lock down