#010 – Hospitality Meets Hayley Connor – The Effervescent Human Leader

In one of our first lock down recordings (Apologies for the audio drops in places) we chatted to the effervescent Hayley Connor, Head of People & Learning at Brewhouse & Kitchen (https://www.brewhouseandkitchen.com/) & Co-Founder of Beers & Peers (@beersandpeers)

In this episode, we talk about Housekeeping, Acting, Pantomime (But not the one you think), Seeking leaders in fancy dress and getting back to the pub.

In addition, Hayley walks us through her story to date.

Hayley is turning herself into a real force of good for the industry and is creating a body of work that we believe we should all get behind.

Thanks Hayley!

This was recorded on 13th April 2020 under lock down conditions.