#006 – Hospitality Meets Robin Sheppard – The Hotel Titan

Hospitality Meets… with Phil Street is a new podcast for the hospitality industry.  Join Phil each week as he hosts a new guest in a light-hearted talk about their journey and story to date.

Back in February 2020, I had the privilege of meeting hotel Titan, Robin Sheppard, Chairman of Bespoke Hotels (www.bespokehotels.com/) and Chairman of the Institute of Hospitality (www.instituteofhospitality.org/).

Robin takes us through some wonderful stories from an illustrious career in Hospitality including, a service very early on in his career that sank, the time he took on the world’s foremost Intellectual Property Lawyers and why you should always have a copy of the Beano in the Gents toilet.

The chat was recorded in a vibrant and busy venue during a busy breakfast service so please forgive the audio in places.

This chat was recorded on February 25th 2020, before Covid-19 Lock down procedures were put in place.