#005 – Hospitality Meets Scott Hallsworth – The Chef and Restaurateur

Hospitality Meets… with Phil Street is a new podcast for the hospitality industry.  Join Phil each week as he hosts a new guest in a light-hearted talk about their journey and story to date.

In this weeks episode, Phil catches up with Chef, Restaurateur & Author Scott Hallsworth.  Scott is the owner of Freakscene in London (https://freakscene.london/).

Scott was the first guest to agree to conducting a virtual chat (So please excuse any mild drop outs in audio) as we chatted in early April 2020.  Scott talks us through his journey and covers off some gems including:-

– Ignoring the advice of parents
– Forgetting key items for high profile celebrity events
– A story involving Rancid Walnuts

And a whole host of other stories.   

Make sure you get to Freakscene when the Lockdown is lifted

To get in touch with Scott, feel free to reach out to him through any of his social channels