#001 – Hospitality Meets Chris Fletcher – The Operations Director

Hospitality Meets… with Phil Street is a new podcast for the hospitality industry.  Join Phil each week as he hosts a new guest in a light-hearted talk about their journey and story to date.

In this episode, Phil meets Chris Fletcher, MD of Askfletch.com, Co-founder of EXP101 (https://www.experience101.live/) as well as remaining on the board of Pieminister (https://pieminister.co.uk/).

Join us as we talk through Chris’ journey to date as well as some of the work he’s doing now.  There’s some cracking stories in here told with passion and humour.

If you are interested in any of the work that Chris is doing (And there is a lot), you can reach out to him at chris@askfletch.com

This chat was recorded on February 20th 2020, before Covid-19 Lock Down procedures were put in place.