#032 – Hospitality Meets Gilles Perrin – The World Class Executive Chef

Back in May 2020, we got some time with Gilles Perrin, Executive Chef at the world class Ritz Carlton Osaka, Japan. In today’s chat we talk about moving to takeaway in a Michelin starred restaurant, travel, the importance of early career mentors, Asian food, ordering volume at Atlantis, Japan, Seasonality, writing a book in 8… Read more

#031 – Hospitality Meets Ben Swindells – The Co-Working Specialist

Hospitality covers a multitude of things.  The rise and rise of co-working fits firmly within that scope. We were lucky enough to get some time with Ben Swindells, Expansion Director for Huckletree (www.huckletree.com) a London based workspace accelerator with locations in London, Manchester and Dublin. Ben is an ex hotelier and now workspace specialist and… Read more

#030 – Hospitality Meets Becky Lown – The Wine & Spirits Lady

Most people enjoy talking about drink and today, that’s exactly what we do. We chatted to Becky Lown, Director and Founder at CRAL Consulting, a boutique consulting company specialising in wine and spirits We chat about making career choices too young, starting a business before a pandemic, Up-skilling, wine, whisky, drink, vineyards, stories, Low & No… Read more

#029 – Hospitality Meets Majella O’Connell – The Food Photographer

Q. What happens when you put two spaghetti brains in front a microphone and set them off to chat? A. Today’s podcast. We got some time with Majella O’Connell, Managing Director and Head Photographer at Pavlova & Cream Ltd. (www.pavlovaandcream.com) and Founder of Manchester Kitchen Social and London Kitchen Social. Majella talks about her craft… Read more

#028 – Hospitality Meets Louise Gallant – The Talent Specialist

In may 2020, we were lucky enough to steal some time with Louise Gallant, Talent Director at Harri.com, rising tech superstars and all round great people. Louise is a natural story teller with some amazing and hilarious stories throughout. This week we cover travelling in America, being born in a pub, winging it in business… Read more

#027 – Hospitality Meets Rachael Stevens- The Guest Services Manager

One of the objectives of our humble little podcast was to give a voice to as wide a variety of people as possible from within hospitality so I was delighted to get some time with Rachael Stevens, Guest Services Manager at South Lodge Hotel (https://www.exclusive.co.uk/south-lodge). Rachael is clearly on her way up to do great… Read more