#181 – Hospitality Meets Niko Karstikko – Technology, Trust, and Transformation

What happens when you merge tech, hospitality and proprietary AI? The answer may well be the future of hospitality in the form of short stay power brand Bob W, headed up by todays guest, the awesome Niko Karstikko.

Niko and Phil dive deep into the world of innovation in the hospitality industry, featuring an engaging conversation around the continued development of Bob W, a revolutionary hybrid accommodation brand. In this episode, you’ll hear all about Niko’s journey from an Air BnB Super host to a tech entrepreneur, and how he’s leveraging technology to reshape the guest experience, from automated check-ins to bespoke local experiences. We’ll discuss the challenges of breaking away from traditional methods, the importance of customer-centric solutions, and the exciting future ahead for the hospitality sector.

Whether you’re curious about the latest tech trends in travel or looking for entrepreneurial insights, this episode has something for everyone. Stay tuned as we explore how Niko and his team are creating the most loved hospitality brand around, one innovative idea at a time

The Guest

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/nkarstikko/

LinkedIn – https://fi.linkedin.com/in/nikokarstikko

Bob W – https://www.instagram.com/bobwco/


Niko Karstikko is a Finnish tech entrepreneur reinventing the hospitality industry as Co-founder and CEO of Bob W. Bob W is a tech company operating in hospitality and the first international climate-neutral hospitality provider. Under Karstikko’s leadership, Bob W has raised a total of over €70M in funding, and outperformed hotels and competition, whilst expanding to 10 countries and 17 cities across Europe operating 36 aparthotels to-date.

In addition to previously being the founder and CEO of VC-backed multinational consumer tech startup SportSetter (exit in 2016), Karstikko is also an experienced hospitality entrepreneur and occasional angel investor with a Bachelor degree in International Business and Finance from the University of South Carolina.

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